Our Expertise

Efficient management of your UK property portfolios across commercial real estate.
Over the past few years, the emphasis on a hybrid work model has brought renewed attention towards the importance of an innovative and flexible workspace. We believe that these values are best upheld by our smaller, more bespoke agency that take the traditional hands-on approach.

Security is critical in creating a welcoming, secure environment and in ensuring the well-being of your commercial clientele.

Our team of SIA-registered staff help many organisations achieve a security provision that delivers at all levels of this multi-faceted function.

A clean working environment enables our clients to work at their optimal levels and be their most productive.

We help you achieve a sustainable, best value cleaning solution.

We go beyond the initial hello for our clients that require a premium experience.

Our Concierge teams frequently collaborate with Estate security to ensure a seamless guest experience from start to finish.

At Qazvin Group, we pride ourselves in personally meeting all our staff and maintain an ongoing relationship through formal and informal training.

We are an Accredited Living Wage Employer, committed to paying a wage based on the cost of living for all our staff.

A report from Data provider, Baachu, highlights that the UK Market size of Soft FM is $15.5 billion and this is set to increase to $16.6 billion in 2027.

With empirical data from the Institute of Fiscal Studies showing us that there is little to no correlation between change in vacancies and woker's pay, Qazvin Group have adopted two core principles that focus on premium wage and enhanced training.